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Mixed media artist, heavy on the ‘mix’, Kate Ledum is US born living in British Columbia, Canada with strong ties on both sides of the border. The jewellery, paper craft, costuming, painting, and other mixed media art she creates for Rijacki Design is as eclectic as she is. Mixed media is a wide open palette of a variety of materials, techniques, styles, and stuff. Kate likes to dabble and explore new things at a whim, adding in new techniques for different materials to spark her creativity and let her mind soar. The various media in her workshop includes resin, paper, cloth, beads, metal, and more.


Photo taken by her sweetie while on a ferry ride between the BC mainland and Vancouver Island.





Kate loves living in BC. She and her sweetie were relocated there in 2012 by her day job employer. She’s thrilled they were given the opportunity to move to such a lovely area. She and her sweetie became permanent residents at the end of 2015 and bought a home in BC in early 2016 (the first ever -owned- home for both of them). In 2015, they also added a cat to their family, Scout, a rescue from the local shelter.


Photo of Scout and Kate’s sweetie taken in the computer room / library of their home.








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Handmade Jewellery by Kate Ledum