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Starting 2015 with Chainmaille

I’m currently doing a bit of reorganizing and cleaning in my workshop. I got new drawers to help me with my on-going storage issues (caused by my magpie tendancies) so I am rearranging where and how I store various materials. This also causes me to come into direct contact with items I bought a while back (maybe even more than a year ago) with great intentions then to do something with them. Most of these components weren’t “lost” just put-off. Some are chainmaille supplies. Because I currently have a rib/back issue I’m trying to let heal and the movements needed to move stuff around aggravates it, I have to take breaks from the cleaning/re-organising. What better time to finally take up the “put-off” projects.

I love chainmaille. I’m still a history geek who loves the European late Middle Ages and fanciful chainmail (or chainmaille as some call it now) was a part of that, though not to the point of it being as jewelry-fied as it is now. I’ve actually even picked up a chainmaille book or two to get me started as well as various rings which have been shuffled into my put-off spots. Some of the rings are over-sized aluminum rings I got through a sale at Fire Mountain Gems. So.. I did something with some of them, the first two projects of 2015.

20150102_101136Teal and purple aluminum jump rings knitted together in a necklace. I had 2 packages of the purple but only one of the teal so the back part of the necklace is all purple which is really fine for someone, like me, with long hair. ¬†Actually, even without long hair it looks good this way. The pattern is kinda mobius: 2 in 4. I like these two colours together. Because it’s all aluminum, this chunky necklace is still rather light.

20150102_121306The second item of 2015 is a bracelet with pink silicone o-rings joined with very shiny silver plated jump rings inspired by Japanese-style chainmaille. This was a bit fiddly to make because the small jump rings are barely big enough to go around both of the silicone rings in each join (and the silicone rings cannot be opened) but I think it looks better that the silver rings hold the pink ones so tightly. The bracelet is a little stretchy so no clasp.

So far 2015 is off to a good start. I’m actually getting a start on fulfilling my resolution of 2014, using up materials in my ever-growing stash. *impish grin*

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