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Ringing in 2015

Dawn this morning was rather pretty. It was a glowy red, almost like the Pantone colour of the year, Marsala. It was a rather chilly -4° C (29° F) when I got up at 8. The night before, my significant other and I were wide awake at 10 minutes to midnight and struggling to stay awake at 10 minutes after *laugh*. On the 30th we went down to Seattle to visit friends and returned home on the 31st. The border guard asked why we didn’t stay down there for the night of the 31st. I answered “hotel costs, drunks, drunk drivers.” That does kinda sum us up. We both like life more on the quiet side. We’d rather spend one-on-one time with friends than in a crowd and we both loathe the prospect of dealing with those who drink and then drive. Our Steveston morning is frosty and serene.

So, on to resolutions! I am hoping 2015 brings even more growth for Rijacki Design. Getting the business cards made helped bring a bit more polish. I’ll continue putting items on Etsy as my primary online sales venue. I’m still working on refining the descriptions, especially for the snap jewelry. I’m also going to continue doing work on this site. My goal is to have at least one post a week and for at least one post a month to be something Tutorial, Helpful Hints, or Reviews. I added the category Alchemist’s Workshop for everything Resin or Clay because I feel a bit like a chemist or an alchemist of old working with those mediums. That category will overlap the Tutorial, HH, and Reviews categories since posts in that category are those, too.

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2015, Marsala, is rather pretty. I rather liked 2014’s colour, Orchid, and am sad to see it go. Marsala is a rich earthy russet. Like last year, I don’t think I will go out of my way to use it since I don’t think I will make any sales specifically with its inclusion, but I am conscious of it might add it in vs another colour when I am selecting materials for a project.

What do you think about the colour of the year? Does having a declared “Colour of the Year” influence you to buy or make things any differently?

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