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Snap Jewelry: Size does matter

Snap jewelry is cool. You can use one base with multiple tops to change out the look of a necklace, bracelet, earrings, whatever, with a simple and quick click-snap. It doesn’t use any magnets so it’s safe around medical devices, credit cards, watches, or anything else sensitive to magnetic fields.

SnapsizesTo add a bit of variety, there are three primary sizes of snap jewelry and items of one size are generally interchangeable with items of the same size, no matter their brand. The real key is the size of the hole that that post part of the top goes into, but for the three sizes they’re pretty much standard for their bases and the tops.

In this picture, you can see a size comparison of the three. Bases are on the left of the ruler with empty tops on the right.

Rijacki Design will be carrying jewelry items of all three sizes: www.rijacki.etsy.com in the Snap Jewelry section.



Standard, small, or medium: 17-22mm

smallSnapStarting with the middle size since it’s the most common. This snap item is 17-22mm in diameter with a hole/post size of 5.6mm.

From what I can tell, this size was the original snap jewelry and was first introduced as Noosa. Other companies with snap jewelry lines followed with compatible items. The terms Chunk and Popper are often used to refer to the part with the post, it’s decorative top, and the bottom snap-in part with the hole that they snap into. For a quick comparison, the base of this snap is between the size of a US (or Canadian) dime and nickel.

2014_11_1114_39_17999While the simple snap (popper) is most common as the base of this snap size, Metal Complex’s Klik line also includes a shallow and deep bezel for custom designs. The Klik deep bezel is pictured top right while a standard base is lower left. It’s the size of the base which is important, not the the size of what is on top of the base since designs can sometimes extend past the edges.

Snap-in  bottom is available in the widest variety of jewelry and apparel items: rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, clothing items, etc. They’re generally interchangeable with each other.


Brands include:

  • Noosa
  • Gingersnaps
  • Klik
  • Snap 2 It (or Snap To It, seen both ways)
  • Aww Snap!
  • Snap in Style
  • Snap Button

Demi or Mini: 12mm

demiSnapThe tiniest of the snap jewelry, this piece is smaller than a US (or Canadian) dime. The demi or mini is most commonly found as earrings or in combination with other sizes for necklaces. The demi is 12mm with a hole/post of 4.5mm.

Brands include:

  • Demi-Noosa
  • Mini Gingersnaps
  • Mini Snap
  • Snap Button Mini

Large Size: 28-33mm

largeSnapRecently introduced as part of Metal Complex’s Klik line, the large snap jewelry is bigger than a US (or Canadian) quarter. The large is 28-33mm with a hole/post of 8.25mm

The larger size allows for more design choices. Like the standard/small size, the Klik line includes both a simple snap, shallow bezel, and deep bezel for the snap (popper).

Brands include:

  • Klik Large
  • Snap Button Large

Using Snap Jewelry

Snap jewelry is interchangeable. As long as you match the base to the snap (popper), you can take use the same item for earrings one day, a ring the next, in a bracelet, as a pendant or part of a necklace, and then back to earrings, just by popping it off one base and on to the next. On jewelry or apparel pieces with multiple bases, you can also mix and match to create your own style. My first experience with snap jewelry was with Klik so my examples below use Klik. Use with other brands of snap jewelry would be the same.

2014_11_1114_28_47999 2014_11_1114_31_36999

2014_11_1114_46_36999 20141022_185520 20141022_185101 2014_11_1114_46_00999

2 Responses to Snap Jewelry: Size does matter

  1. Bette Howton says:

    Thank you for this informaton. I was confused as I thought there were only two sizes.

  2. Glenda says:

    OMG!!! Thank you so very much for creating this web page and giving the public this information. I’ve search a hundred sites using a hundred different ways of wording my search, trying to find out the measurements for the different size snaps. No other website answers this question. Your information is perfect. Since size matters, it’s important to know in order to buy on line. By the way your items are beautiful.

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