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Snap Jewelry: a rose by any other name…

20141022_185520About a week ago I got an etsy query about the compatibility of one of my snaps with a different product line of snap jewelry. I didn’t really have the answer then, but have done a lot more research now. I had heard of snap style jewelry before encountering the Klik line, but the Klik line was my first direct interacti0n with it.

From the information I can find, there are three sizes of snap jewelry and the ones of the same size should be compatible (I’ve got some items on order to definitively confirm this). These do not use magnetics but are a kinetic ‘snap’.


  • Klik small (or just Klik)
  • Gingersnaps
  • Snap 2 It (or Snap To It, seen both ways)
  • Aww Snap!
  • Snap in Style
  • Snap Button
  • generic DIY snaps


  • Demi-Noosa
  • Mini Snap (might not be interchangeable with other brands)
  • Snap Button Mini
  • possibly a small Gingersnap version


  • Klik large

I have also found the most common generic designation is “snap jewelry”. The other common terms used are “popper” (for the decorative snap ‘top’) and “chunk” (for the base, I think). I’m still trying to find definative information on that, too, so I can add it to my listings appropriately and match expectations of searches.

I will admit, though, I have become quite enanamored of the snap jewelry concept. I like the interchangeability. I leave one of the pendant bases on a chain and just swap out the top with whatever I feel like wearing (and displaying) that day. I don’t have any multi-base (multi-chunk) necklaces, at the moment, or I could change around multiples at a whim. At my day job I usually don’t wear more than a pendant or necklace but it is nice to change that out so easily.

I have so many ideas of things I want to do with making poppers in all three of the sizes. Looking at all the pre-fab and other designer ones both give me ideas and show me how unique my own designs will be. Having information about their interchanability with other brands (especially with the bases/chunks of other brands) should hopefully make them more salable.

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