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The costs of the days following US Thanksgiving

Even though I now live in Canada, I still try to avoid the shops on the Friday following Thanksgiving. The cyberMonshops up here offer “mad” specials that day and Saturday, too, in order to try to compete with those across the border (with a US mall about an hour away, not counting the border crossing time which is greatly variable). Then comes the real bane of my pocket book, Cyber Monday. I do quite a lot of my shopping supplies and otherwise online so the Monday following the US Thanksgiving is actually the deadly day for me. I will often hold off on ordering things I want but don’t need need need immediately until a good sale hits. Cyber Monday is that day for a lot of the places I shop. And, I try to get jewelry making supplies on sales because I can’t shop wholesale (yet – this is another thing getting a business license would open up, but still only when buying insane quantities some places). It’s 3 mins from midnight, my eyes are droopy, and I am actually wondering if I missed a sale I intended to catch because thus and so place has something I actually think I will use in the next 6 months. I actually did try to be conservative in my shopping, honest.

The Swarovski crystals most of the bead/jewelry supply shops are giving away recently is nice. They look to be mostly discontinued items, so I am sure it’s also a way for the shops to get rid of the last bits of “clearance” items while getting Swarovski to pay for it (it’s actually a Swarovski promotion). Some of the baggies I’ve gotten have matching pieces or complimentary bits that could actually be the beginnings of a piece of jewelry. I still need to log the free bits into my Jewelry Designer Manager database. I should do a blog post on how/why I bought that application and what I use it for (and what I wish it could do). Suffice to say, it’s how I ‘kinda’ manage all the stuff I buy and make from it and keep track of pricing by individual bit so I can price the completed pieces better, mostly.

BTW, the picture for this post, that’s clipped from an actual advertisement from Artbeads.com which has become one of my primary resources because they carry Klik bits and Nunn Design and other stuff. Another post for another day, I should go through the shops I use and why (and how that’s changed, too). Up to 60% off… most things I bought from them were in the 30% off range, I think. Still nothing to sneeze at. I probably spent more there than I should have.

And I did miss the sales at two sites that used to be my primaries and didn’t feel too badly about it. Odd how that happens.


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