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I like making stuff!


Tower of Mystery (curing resin)

If you go wandering through my shop here or have seen my FaceBook page or have ever met me, then you would get a pretty good idea that I like making stuff and most of that stuff, these days, is jewellery (or jewelry) related. I like exploring new ways to make stuff as well as using ‘old’ ways as well. I like making things. I like seeing something in my head and then translating it into reality. I like looking at bits and bobs and “listening” to it to discover how it wants to be paired with other things. I like learning new techniques (new to me, at least) and then finding out what I can do with those techniques. I even like experimenting with something and having it not work out so great.

I am a mixed media artist. I have gotten a bit resin obsessed but also like working with epoxy clay, bead weaving, stringing, a bit of wire working, and so on. I usually constrained by space and often constrained by budget (though my significant other might disagree that I mind a budget).

On┬ámy FaceBook page for Rijacki Design (https://www.facebook.com/RijackiDesign), I have done only a little bit of showing how I make various items. I would like to do more of that here since I wouldn’t be as constrained by format.



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