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Welcome to Rijacki Design, my little neck of the Internet woods to showcase the jewellery and other items I make. I like making stuff 🙂 I am a mixed media jewelry maker.

My goal is to post at least one tutorial, review, or “helpful hints” post each month on a variety of topics focused mostly on the making of items.

Alchemist’s Workshop is my series dedicated to the “chemical” arts of resins, clays, glues, fire, etc. This will include tutorials and reviews for these arts.

Helpful Hints are me passing on information I’ve learned which could hopefully help others, too. Topics will include the sizes of snap jewelry, jewelry sizing, places to get supplies (mostly Canada and US e-shopping), etc.

Mental Meanderings are my ruminations on making things, selling things, what I intend to do for learning, selling, organising my ever growing stash of supplies, or whatnot. They’re posts that don’t really fit anywhere else *laugh*

I also sell my finished pieces (and in the future may sell created components). This site uses WooCommerce for a sales backend but my sales are primarily through my etsy shop: rijacki.etsy.com. I’ll be trying to keep the shops updated as well as all the rest.



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