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Moved Again!

It’s been a while since I made an update. The place we moved to last ended up being for less than a year. Our landlord decided they wanted to have the house back, so we decided to try to buy a place of our own instead of rent again. We did it. We own 🙂 We moved again at the end of January 2016.

In the last year I have also added some new things into my mixed media odyssey. I finally got myself a BigShot. I got it to cut various materials to put into resin but also started making things with paper, too.

One really big improvement on the last workshop and home, much better insulation and sealing on the windows. With the incessant rain this year, that means the humidity won’t be as high. The heating is also better. The room has it’s own base board heating so I can have the room be warm enough for resin work.

The new new workshop is set up.









The table is a hollow core door on legs and is accessible on 3 sides. I’ve already had a couple friends over and they comfortably fit on one side. After this picture was taken the monitor and laptop were added as well as some table lights. The back wall has most of various supplies. Beads and poly clay are on the right, metal and cording in the centre, paper crafting on the left. On the window wall, the shelving in the corner is mostly resin related. The basket shelves have resin molds and colourants of all types. Across from the table are shelves for my sweetie’s art and other endeavors. He started dabbling in painting last Autumn.

I’m looking forward to creating in this new space.

First though, we do have a bit more unpacking and putting away to do. We’re mostly done, but we seem to have acquired a lot of stuff.

Welcome to our new home!


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