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Moving: New Workshop

It almost feels like it’s been forever and not just 2 months, but 2 months is still a long time. I am finally (nearly almost) entirely done setting up the new workshop after the move. There are a few overflow from the closet boxes that are working to find new homes and the folding table, too, and maybe a small bit more of tidying up but all and all it’s done. My workshop has a new home.

20150428_210733Entering from the hall door, The table to the left is going to be my sweetie’s work bench. We got that bench several years ago from Ikea as a kitchen buffet when the house we were renting had exactly one single drawer in the kitchen. This bench/buffet has 3 drawers and 2 shelves. It’s lovely butcherblock look is great in a kitchen but also works well for a workbench. The book shelf will get the art and craft books some of which are still in the other bookshelves in the library (over full book shelves) and a few of which are scattered in other places. To the right is the first view of my table. It’s a hollow core door slab on red legs. The legs are $4 cheapies from Ikea attached into a 1×4 frame on which the door slab is resting. A full 80×30″ of table 🙂 The total cost on the table… $60-75. If I didn’t want the table as tall (or as movable), I could have attached the legs directly to the slab, but the wood and screws only added about $10-15, a couple inches, and the ability for the whole thing to easily collapse flat if we move again. On the other side of the table to the left you can begin to see my storage.

Looking from my sweetie’s work bench: My new red chair was insanely cheap from Ikea ($40!). Plus the base (and it’s hydrolic thingy) is separate from the seat so if it starts to fail, a new one can be obtained more easily. The left side of my storage has my resin curing area, storage for my various embellishment and crystal bits, resins, and stuff. The back has drawers with colourants, glitters, molds, other resin tools, other stuff, wire, and stuff. The top has a spinny thing that has become the home of pliers, brushes, pens, tools, and a little other stuff. To the right of that, shelves with poly clay, metal working tools, cube, peanut, and duo beads with stringing stuff and superlon cords up top. The tall black shelf (a CD shelf) is home to mostly seed beads of different types and really small crystal beads. On the right side of the room, papers, stickers and embellishments like that at the bottom with a jillion and a half glass and gemstone beads on top. The closet has a mixture of jewelry made storage and costume making supplies as well as some other stuff.


One of the things I am gaining in this space and with that table is the ability to have access from both sides. I could easily have 1 or 2 people over for a social creation time. I’m also planning to set up the picture taking studio semi-permanently on the end of the table by the window. Access from both sides also means I might be able to take better pictures (or video some time) without the need to occupy the same space as the picture taking apparatus. No more will I need to use the kitchen table for pictures.

A reminder of my previous workshop space (with the desk covered in mess, of course *laugh*) which was shared with my sweetie’s workbench (that I was slowly creeping over) and the guest bed (that was too often covered in various whatsis over flow):



My new space is palatial! My desk/table space is exponentially larger in all directions. The room is shared with my sweetie’s workbench but the guest bedroom is a whole ‘nother room on its own (but will be where I’ll do any sewing, on what used to be my workshop desk).

Coincidentally, my old space and my new face east. I still get a lot of natural light until the sun goes down. Speaking of light, I still need to put the magnifying light up. Otherwise, the ceiling light will do okay for most things.

Side Note: In the move, one of the server hard drives went a bit unstable. A blog post (mid move update) was lost since it was written a day or two after the last good backup. I’m not going to recreate that post but it did exist at one point. Moving ahead 🙂

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