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John Barrowman!

Did I mention I am a HUGE fan of John Barrowman? I fangirl over him not just because of his role as Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood (though I do love me some Captain Jack), but also because of his musical career. The first movie I ever saw him in was De-Lovely (he plays “Jack” a young actor who gets direction from Cole Porter, played by Kevin Kline, on how to sing Night and Day) and I thought both his voice and his looks were yummy. But it took seeing him singing Anything Goes on the 1st season Torchwood DvD to realise Captain Jack was -that- same person. I then went wandering through Youtube and Amazon finding his music. One of my favourite CDs is JB Swings Cole Porter (’cause I have a big thing for Cole Porter, too). Another favourite is Putting It Together which is a review of Steven Sondheim songs (’cause I have a big thing for Sondheim, too *grin*). Oh, and I do watch him in Arrow, now, too. First season he was such delicious evil *impish grin*

So Fan Expo Vancouver is this weekend and guess who one of the celebrity stars is? So, I convinced my partner that we should get one of the photos with him. *swoon* He’s a good hugger. Such a warm and inviting personality.



Samples of Songs

These are some of the ones I like the most.

Cole Porter, De-Lovely

Cole Porter, Torchwood season 1 DvD extras

Cole Porter, John Barrrowman Swings Cole Porter

Sondheim, Putting It Together

Sondheim, from Sound of Musicals


Update: I got his signature on my copy of Putting It Together. So happy. I also got to tell him how much I love his music. When I said the first thing I saw him in was De-Lovely, he was surprised. When he saw what I brought to sign, he did start singing it *big grin*



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