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Moving: Packing up

I’ve been spending time packing up the workshop (as well as both of us packing up the rest of our current home) for the move. I’m nearing the end of the workshop packing and should have it all contained in 2-3 more boxes plus the rolling plastic shelves with molds plus the other plastic shelves with molds plus the jewelry drawer trays plus the tray satchel plus the bins for the display tables plus the bin for the hot connections plus… Okay, yeah, I have accumulated a bit of a stash *laugh*. I’ll have a larger space (and will get a larger desk/table) in the new place. 1 more week until the movers come. Likely another week after that before I’m unpacked and set up (only taking mover day off from the day job).

20150224_064828 20150224_064846

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