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Cardboard_Box_clip_art_mediumWe found a new domicile in which to live and are moving at the end of the month. It’s a larger place with a MUCH larger kitchen, enough rooms that the guest bedroom will no longer have to be shared with the workshop, a dedicated garage with enough space to be able to do hot work on a cement floor, enough space to get the rest of our stuff out of storage, and the space/hook-ups that we can use our own fancy washer/dryer that have been in storage since we moved up to Canada (from California). We’re so happy to be moving. But…

I have to start packing for the move. I might even find things I didn’t know I had *laugh*

Packing up the workshop is going to be.. interesting. When we moved up here 2.5 years ago, I had barely started in the jewelry making hobby and was still only doing stringing. I could pack actually everything into one re-usable grocery bag and one plastic case (it was packed into the car for the drive up and the first weeks of being in a temporary place). On the drive up from California to Canada, we stopped at Shipwreck Beads in Lacey, Washington,  and I added a second bag of supplies to my stash. Now.. umm.. well, the stash of supplies and tools has grown a bit *laugh*

Any bets on how many 1.5 cube (U-Haul small) boxes + self contained boxes/storage it’s going to require for the whole workshop?

There is a possibility the website will be down a day or two at the beginning of March during the process of moving. We will be using the same provider so hopefully will have very few changes other than location.

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