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Coloured Resin

A few weeks ago I got some Color Blast resin from Resin Obsession (it’s on clearance, only a few left) and decided to try it out today.

This is also the first time I am using a 2:1 resin. The colour is mixed into the A part of the resin, the larger amount in the mix. I am surprised at how thick the A is in the Color Blast. It’s the consistency of thick paint. The B is almost water. There was no odor. These three things I don’t know if they’re unique to the Color Blast or common for 2:1 resin. I’ll find that out later when I have curing space.

I mixed up a small batch of three different colours and poured them in to be colour dots snap jewelry in three sizes as well as using the left over in a couple molds.

I’m rather sad that I put off getting the Color Blast until it was on clearance probably to be never seen again.


Top left is my experiment with Pébéo Fantasy paints which you can get a variety of places. Club Bead Plus has them (and everything else) on 50% off sale right now (sale ends 11 Feb 2015). Art Beads has just one colour left on clearance as I am writing this. Michaels carries them but at a significantly higher price. Other craft/art shops might carry them as well. I’ll show them off more in my future post on pigments.


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