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Seeking New Skill Sets

artbeads_2347_4832619170So, one of the website’s I often buy from was having a sale on a type of item I have been wanting a long time, a very long time. For many years, long before I strung my first necklace of beads, I have wanted to work with metal and glass. I’ve been fascinated, nay mesmerised, by the fashioning of metal and glass, the effect heat has on these materials. The chemistry of colour with fire in glass is one of the reasons pigments in painting and now pigments in other materials interests me. After I started down this rabbit hole of jewelry creation, I began looking at kilns. Since we rent, I knew that a full scale kiln was likely not a wise idea (as well as a weeee bit too expensive). I looked at microwave kilns and had considered the price of a separate microwave (i.e. not the one we make food in) along with the kiln and found it a bit out of range, too. So.. the item in the sale I couldn’t resist? A beehive kiln. It’s only big enough for a single jewelry item but should work with metal clay and glass fusing and possibly even glass clay (yes, there is such a thing as clay that becomes glass). I have a small pouch of silver clay I bought a while ago that I was planning to torch fire, but this would be ever so much safer and surer. But now I am having a tough time thinking of what I want to make from my clay for my first pieces *laugh*. The kiln isn’t in my hands yet, it’s at our mail box in Blaine.

This is my birthday gift to me. My birthday is next week.


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